SMM 700GS 210mm

SMM700GS Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Unleash power, precision, and efficiency with the SMM700GS Hydraulic Rock Breaker. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this groundbreaking equipment redefines rock breaking in the most challenging environments. Whether you’re in quarry operations, mining, or construction, the SMM700GS is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance.

Total Weight (Kg) 7225
Operation Pressure (kg/cm2) 200 – 240
Oil Flow Range – l/min 290 – 350
Dia of Hose – Inch 1.25
Dia of Tool – mm 210
Impact Frequency – Bpm 180 – 200
Suitable Carrier – Ton 70 – 120
  • Quarry Operations: Enhance efficiency in breaking and excavation tasks within quarry sites.

  • Limestone Extraction: Tackle the challenges of mining operations with the power and precision of the SMM700GS.


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