SMM 200S 40mm

SMM Group Constantly strives to maximize the satisfaction of our customers across India by offering High quality World class products at competitive pricing along with prompt and professional after -sales services. The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology have enabled SMM to create hydraulic Rock Breakers that are powerful, durable, cost-effective and the undisputed leaders in their class.


  • Superior Power and High Efficiency

  • Maximizing productivity and reliability

  • Very Simple and Easy Maintenance, downtime

  • Right tool for all

  • 24 x 7 Customer Service

Brand SMM
Warranty 1 year
Oil Flow Rate 200-250 l/min
Country of Origin Made in India
N Pressure 16.5
Accumulator Pressure N/A
Total Weight(kg) 1856
Operation Pressure(kg/cm2) 160-180
Oil Flow Rate 120-180
Dia of Hose - inch 1
Impact Ferquency - Bpm 350-500
Suitabl Carrier - Ton 18-26


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